Deduce Insights lets businesses join forces to defeat cybercriminals

For businesses, cybersecurity is a big problem. Data breaches, identity fraud, account takeovers, and other kinds of cyberattacks cost companies billions of dollars a year — and with fraudsters and hackers targeting organizations of all sizes, nobody can afford to get complacent.

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That’s why I’m proud to announce the launch of Deduce Insights — a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity radar that provides early warning of fraudulent behavior before it becomes a full-blown data breach. What makes Deduce Insights distinctive is the data that underpins it; the tool delivers early and accurate fraud detection by using over a billion authenticated user interactions per day.

Let me explain why that’s such a big deal. Here at Deduce, we believe the biggest threat to organizations’ digital security isn’t unpatched software, careless users, sophisticated malware, or even the rise of well-funded international cybercrime rings. All these things are dangerous, of course, but they can be anticipated and planned for.

⚠️ No, the biggest threat to today’s businesses is data poverty.

To defeat cybercriminals, we need to analyze user data in order to tease out the behavioral analytics that betray ‘bots and bad actors, allowing us to detect malicious activity in time to prevent fraud.

That’s fine in theory. But unless you’re a global giant with millions of users like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or Facebook, you simply don’t have the volume of up-to-the-minute data needed to power an effective security strategy.

The truth is that no matter how much organizations spend on fancy cybersecurity software, those tools are only as good as the data they use. All too often, businesses wind up stuck in neutral, with expensive cybersecurity systems that simply aren’t smart enough to keep them safe.

It’s time to level the playing field

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Deduce Insights is designed to change that. Using a global network of shared identity data gleaned from over 150,000 websites and more than 450 million user profiles, we’re giving organizations of all kinds access to global security intelligence at a scale previously reserved for tech giants.

Drawing on the proven technologies behind our Customer Alerts solution, we’re making it possible for businesses to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Armed with rich, large-scale datasets, Deduce Insights enables organizations to instantly establish that a person really is who they claim, and to rapidly detect threats including:

  • Identity Fraud, by using identity intelligence to augment existing security solutions and prevent fraudsters from using compromised identities to open new accounts
  • Account Takeovers, by detecting irregular or anomalous user account activity to bolster defenses and stop account hijackers in their tracks
  • Account Anomalies, by spotting interactions or transactions that deviate from expected user behavior to block threats and prevent financial losses
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What makes Deduce Insights so powerful? It’s more than just the volume of security data we’re making available — it’s also the richness of the identity intelligence embedded in that data. We don’t merely try to spot ‘bots masquerading as humans. We validate legitimate users and flag bad actors of all kinds using powerful identity telemetry including:

  • Activity Data, to determine whether specific interactions and behavior are typical for a particular user
  • Device Metrics, to identify suspicious changes in the hardware and software being used to access an account
  • Network Intelligence, to detect anomalous network types such as proxy servers, TOR browsers, or data centers
  • Geolocation, to monitor a user’s point of origination for signs that they’re accessing your network from an unexpected country, state, city, or time zones
  • Threat Signals, to quantify the precise degree of risk in any given user behavior and enable decisive but proportional security responses
360-degree cybersecurity radar

Effectively, Deduce Insights gives your organization an always-on, 360-degree cybersecurity radar, constantly on the lookout for problematic behavior by new or existing users at any stage in the customer journey.

When problematic user behavior triggers a blip on your security radar, Deduce Insights gives you the specifics you need to respond effectively without needlessly disrupting legitimate user activity.

Some activity might automatically trigger an account freeze to prevent bogus transactions; other behavior might trigger a customer alert or a security challenge. Whatever the threat, you’ll have the intelligence you need in order to flag questionable activity, seamlessly re-authenticate users, and effectively prevent fraud.

Join our mission

The bottom line is that Deduce Insights makes your cybersecurity operations smarter. That’s something we urgently need, because cybercriminals are getting smarter too. While businesses struggle along using internal data to power security systems, fraudsters are actively collaborating and sharing information, compromised logins, exploits, and new technologies on the dark web.

As things stand, cybersecurity isn’t a fair fight. Isolated businesses with limited data simply don’t have the means to fend off sophisticated attacks from globally interconnected criminal networks. We need to change the rules of engagement — but that’s something no individual business can do on their own.

That’s where Deduce comes in. Our data network gives businesses the tools to safely share anonymized security intelligence without giving away sensitive or commercially valuable data — and every company that joins our cause makes the entire network stronger. Together, we’re leveling the playing field, and beating fraudsters by democratizing access to security intelligence.

The launch of Deduce Insights marks the next step in that journey. So don’t let data poverty sink your cybersecurity strategy. Get in touch today, and join our mission to make best-of-breed fraud prevention available to everyone.

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