The Deduce Mission

We give businesses the insights they need to protect themselves from the constantly changing identity-fraud threat landscape.

Today, SuperSynthetic identities have such realistic-seeming attributes that they can pass standard IDV, KYC, and other security checks. Then they stay in bank and fintech databases until they’re offered credit and cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars in fraud losses annually.


A Brief History of Deduce

Building the Largest Graph for Real-Time Multicontextual Identity Intelligence at Scale

Our founders learned firsthand in the AdTech industry that constantly evolving, wide-scale threats require the most current, comprehensive, and coordinated data possible to stop them.

When they couldn’t find what they needed on the market, they started Deduce to build it, leveraging the network effects of activity-based identity intelligence to separate the humans from the imposters.

The Deduce Identity Graph is now the largest independent identity graph for cyber risk and fraud. It continuously captures activity on some 840 million U.S.-based identity profiles, engaged in more than 1.5 billion daily events, across more than 150,000 sites and apps.

This data, combined with patented technology and our own artificial intelligence, gives Deduce the unique ability to detect even highly realistic-seeming AI-generated identities at account opening and within customer databases.


Deduce Values

We’re Serious About
Accessible Identity Intelligence

We believe in using data for good, so we make it easy for our customers to access Deduce Identity Insights via API integration with their existing fraud-prevention stack. No JavaScript and no waiting, just immediate SuperSynthetic identity fraud protection.

Our innovation has made Deduce the most-awarded company in cybersecurity. Recent recognitions include the #1 Security spot in Fast Company’s World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2022 and the 2022 CISO Choice Award for Fraud Prevention.

privacy conscious

Privacy & Security by Design

We go above and beyond to ensure the data we safeguard is secure and properly permissioned.



Deduce gives businesses the data insights that only tech giants used to have.

positive impact

Positive Impact

Fraud hurts everyone by driving up costs and reducing trust. We’re making a difference by protecting our customers from fraud and improving their customers’ user experience.

The Deduce Team

Committed to Providing Identity Intelligence that Stops SuperSynthetic Identity Fraud

We’re experienced leaders and innovators with the expertise to bring our vision to life.

We’re also having fun using identity intelligence at scale to level the security and user experience playing field for our customers.


Ari Jacoby

Chief Executive Officer
As the founder and CEO of Deduce, Ari Jacoby is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and eloquent thought leader who’s on a mission to democratize cybersecurity after spending nearly two decades.

Robert Panasiuk

Chief Technical Officer
Robert Panasiuk is a technology leader who balances a passion for revenue with a commitment to helping organizations succeed, grow, and solve challenges even in the most fast-paced environments.

Andy Pruss

VP Finance
As a Corporate Finance and Operations professional with a career-long history of achieving proven operating results, Andy Pruss brings to his work an ability to lead large teams and complex projects while looking at the bigger picture through a financial lens.

Andy Sheldon

VP Marketing
Andy Sheldon is an experienced brand builder, pipeline generator, and proven leader whose career has included marketing leadership roles with Agari, Conga, Unifi Software, Visibleworld, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and more.

Adish Kasi

VP Sales
Adish Kasi is a sales professional who blends a passion for customer-centric problem solving with a deep technology expertise. Previously, he held a strategic sales role at Shape Security, acquired by F5 Networks for $1B.

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Bring Your Talent to the Fight Against Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a fast-moving, fast-growing crime. While you’re reading this section of our website, criminals will steal almost 50,000 consumer identities. Even though U.S. businesses will spend $20.7B in 2023 to fight identity fraud, nearly 25% of U.S. consumers have already become victims of identity theft.

If you’re passionate about changing the world by fighting identity fraud and protecting online users of all age groups, we want to hear from you.

Join our rapidly growing, dedicated team of developers, data scientists, privacy & authentication experts, and sellers. Help us build the first line of defense against identity fraud for businesses and the customers they serve.

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