SuperSynthetic identities in
Deduce Identity Graph Q3/23


Keep AI-Generated SuperSyntheticTM Identities
Out of Your Customer Base

Your new account opening process is rife with fraud attempts, as criminals create fake documents to try to bypass IDV, Doc-V, and KYC checks.

Now, GenAI is already helping some fraudsters to synthesize identities at scale with supporting documentation, online activity, and credit histories so realistic that even your standard authentication processes and experienced fraud analysts can’t tell that it’s falsified.

We call these identities SuperSynthetic. When they succeed at fooling your account opening fraud prevention and escalation practices, they bide their time. Eventually, if the fraudsters pulling the strings make them look active and reliable enough over time, your business will offer them credit.

They spend that credit and then vanish, sticking you with:

  • Unpaid loans, card balances, or BNPL balances
  • KYC and other AML compliance problems
  • Doubt about the validity of other customers in your database

Are on the Rise:

686,294 active SuperSynthetic identities detected in the Deduce Identity Graph

9% increase over the previous quarter

Deduce Identity Insights
Catch SuperSynthetic Identity Fraud

Our Identity Graph and patented technology offer a layer of SuperSynthetic identity protection available nowhere else. Deduce integrates via an API with your existing security stack, so you can:

  • Detect AI-generated SuperSynthetic identities during new account opening and within your existing customer base.
  • Avoid the cost of secondary IDV calls and manual reviews for SuperSynthetic account applicants.
  • Provide a layer of identity confidence for existing step-up verification workflows.
  • Reduce account-creation churn by enabling faster time to approval for legitimate, trusted users.
  • Enhance your fraud stack for comprehensive identity fraud protection.

See how the Deduce Identity Graph works.

Protect Your Regulated Business
from Stolen and Synthetic Identity Fraud


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