Only Deduce Has the Resources to Fight SuperSynthetic Fraud

The most effective way to detect and stop GenAI-backed synthetic identity fraud.

Evaluate each new customer’s online identity in the context of millions of other identities and across trillions of identity attributes for behavioral context at scale over time.

The Deduce Identity Graph—the largest of its kind—continuously observes, authenticates, and analyzes the interactions of some 840 million U.S. identity profiles engaging in more than 1.5 billion daily events across more than 150,000 sites and apps.

Combined with patented Deduce technology, the Deduce Identity Graph delivers AI-driven insights that identify AI-synthesized identities.

SuperSynthetic identities in
Deduce Identity Graph Q3/23


Easily Detect SuperSyntheticTM Identity Fraud at New Account Opening

Deduce quickly integrates with your existing fraud prevention and identity verification tech stacks via an API.

Set it up, start your in-line proof of value, and see how easy Deduce makes it to keep AI-synthesized impostors out of your customers’ databases.

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