Keep AI-Generated SuperSyntheticTM Identities
from Becoming Your “Customers”

The current generation of AI-created synthetic identities is designed to get past today’s fraud prevention and identity verification solutions.

Deduce is the only solution provider
with the resources to stop them.

SuperSynthetic Identity Fraud:
Growing Fast, Hard to Prevent

Fake identities made with GenAI technology can include realistic-looking documents, biometrics, activity and credit histories, and other characteristics that seem real to legacy identity fraud solutions and fraud prevention analysts.

These deepfakes are so convincing we call them SuperSynthetic identities.

Recent research by Equifax uncovered 1.8 million potential synthetic identities with consumer credit accounts in a one-year period.

SuperSynthetic identity fraud is a long game—played at scale. When cohorts of these identities get approved as bank and fintech customers, they wait. AI keeps their activities up to date, so they continue to seem real.

When the bank or fintech company platform offers these “customers” credit, the criminals behind the SuperSynthetic identities take it and disappear.

That leaves lenders with fraud-related losses—over $15,000 per event according to the FTC—and urgent questions about how many more SuperSynthetic customers are still lurking in their databases.

Deduce Detects SuperSynthetic
Identities in Real Time

Deduce offers the only solution for keeping SuperSynthetic identities from signing up as your customers—and for flagging the ones already embedded among your customers.

With Deduce’s patented technology combined with the Deduce Identity Graph, your organization can:

  • Prevent SuperSynthetic IDs from creating new customer accounts.
  • Identify and flag SuperSynthetic IDs that have already become your customers.
  • Reduce your medium- to long-term exposure to SuperSynthetic identity fraud.
  • Maintain trust in the authenticity of your verified customers.

Learn more about how Deduce uses the largest activity-backed U.S. fraud and risk identity graph to conduct multicontextual, real-time data forensics at scale.

SuperSynthetic identities in
Deduce Identity Graph Q4/23


What our clients say

We have found Deduce simple to implement, with no maintenance required on our end. Deduce makes it easy for us to assess new users accurately.”

Mat Newfield
Mat Newfield
CISO, Unisys

AI-generated fraud prevention is a top priority. Deduce enabled us to quickly embrace a best practice, leading to real ROI.”

Mahmoud Ali
Mahmoud Ali
Head of Security Assurance, 100x Group

The key to building trust is smart cyber security, and new account fraud prevention is a critical piece of that strategy. While others talk about data, Deduce really delivers on the promise of network effects.”

Stephen Messer
Stephen Messer
CEO, Collectivei

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