Stop Account Takeover and New Account Creation Fraud with the Deduce Identity Network


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Identity Network Identity Network

Identity Network

Our solutions are powered by a coalition of over 150,000 websites, creating one of the most diverse identity data networks in the world.

Identity Insights Identity Insights

Identity Insights

Identify bad actors, imposters, and malicious activity in real-time.

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Customer Alerts Customer Alerts

Customer Alerts

Notify customers of suspicious activity before damage occurs.

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Identity Network

Fraud losses totaled over $16.9 Billion last year.

Businesses use Deduce to protect themselves from monetary and reputational losses.

How it Works

The Deduce Collective Intelligence Platform uses a combination of aggregate historical user data, identity risk intelligence, and proactive alerting to deliver a robust identity and authentication solution.

How it Works

Leverage your data and the power of our extended network to get unparalleled visibility into user threats and risks.

Make intelligent authentication decisions in real-time using Identity Insights.

Empower users to fight fraud with Customer Alerts, and mitigate the threat of compromised accounts.

Real-Time User Protection

Deduce protects user accounts at the point of interaction.

Pre-Authentication Security

Pre-Authentication Security

Deduce Identity Insights evaluates identity risk in real-time to determine if a user should be granted access to an account at the point of interaction.

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Post Authentication Security

Post Authentication Security

Deduce Customer Alerts is an easy to deploy, end-to-end solution for empowering users to fight back against account compromise. In turn, businesses gain immediate security feedback to mitigate fraud before damage occurs.

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Pre Authentication Security

Protect Every Part of a User’s Journey


Build trust and identify risk at account creation


Verify and protect users from account compromise

Account Changes

Detect fraudulent account changes


Stop purchase fraud and chargebacks

What our
clients say

We have found Deduce alerts are simple to implement and require no maintenance on our end. Google, Microsoft and Paypal have been sending alerts for a while - Deduce makes it easy for us to do the same.

Mat Newfield
Mat Newfield
CISO, Unisys

Authentication security and account takeover prevention are a top priority. Deduce enabled us to quickly embrace a best practice, leading to increased customer retention and real ROI.

Mahmoud Ali
Mahmoud Ali
Head of Security Assurance, 100x Group

The key to building trust with partners is smart cyber security, and account takeover prevention is a critical piece of that strategy. While others talk about data, the Deduce platform really delivers on the promise of network effects.

Stephen Messer
Stephen Messer
CEO, Collectivei


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