How Well Does Your Fraud Detection Stack Really Work?

Synthetic and stolen identity fraud cost billions each year. Fraudsters can easily get and exploit personal data, while businesses and their customers pay the price.

Legacy fraud solutions lack the quantity and quality of data required to keep up with identity fraud’s rapid evolution. They also generate false positives that damage real customer relationships.

Deduce has the insights you need.

We’ve seen 89% of your new customers before you do—43% within hours before their arrival at your site or app.

Insights Powered by the Deduce Identity Graph

The Deduce Identity Graph—the largest of its kind—constantly captures and analyzes the digital activities of the majority of U.S. online identities: more than 660 million identity profiles, engaged in more than 1.5 billion daily events, across more than 150,000 sites and apps.

Components of a Deduce User Identity


  • IPs
  • Network Types and ISPs
  • VPN Affinity


  • Device IDs
  • Device Types
    (Mobile / Desktop)
  • OS and App Versions


  • Cities Visited
  • States Visited
  • Countries Visited


  • Time of Activity
  • User Activity Types
  • User Activity Outcomes
  • First Party Fraud Feedback

Authentic, Stolen, or Synthetic Identity?
Deduce Gives You the Insights to Flag Risks in Real Time

Our 660M profiles include your future customers’ activity and location insights as they browse, comment, bookmark, play games, log in, check out, reset passwords, and more—often right before they first engage with your site or app.

The frequency and geography of our insights create dynamic, detailed profiles unlike anything else in the identity fraud space.

Our customizable risk and trust signals allow us to separate trusted users from fraud in a fraction of a second, from one lightning-fast API query—no JavaScript required, no excess NAO costs.

More Identity Signals =
More Accurate Risk Assessment

Deduce analyzes more than 200 signals to build a complete, granular picture of identity profiles in the Deduce Identity Network. We’re always adding new signals, and we can customize signals for your unique risk and trust scenarios.

See a Complete List of Current Signals

Incremental Fraud Capture, Easy Implementation, Clear ROI

We correlate physical and digital identities at scale over time, to close the gaps in legacy fraud prevention stacks.

We integrate with your existing fraud stack via API, no waiting, no JavaScript. Just better fraud detection and ROI.

We can reduce identity fraud by up to 350% and generate 2X fewer false positives, so you can safely skip secondary review and authentication on trusted new users, save time, and reduce customer churn.


Deduce for New Account Fraud Prevention

Deduce lets you move new customers through the account approval funnel faster by separating fraud attempts from legitimate applications where the customer has recently moved and/or hasn’t updated their official documents yet.

With Deduce for NAF, you can:

  • Securely approve more new account openings faster.
  • Reduce the need for secondary IDV calls and manual reviews.
  • Reduce account-creation churn with faster time to approval for trusted users.
  • Augment your existing fraud stack to capture incremental stolen identity and synthetic fraud attempts.

NAF Prevention: Learn More

Capture incremental fraud with Deduce real-time, recent, frequent mapping of physical and digital identities to a wide range of online activities.

Deduce for Checkout Fraud Prevention

Deduce helps you avoid chargebacks caused by fraud while reducing checkout friction, even when customers are traveling or shipping to a third-party address.

With Deduce for checkout fraud prevention, you can:

  • Approve more orders from good customers.
  • Reduce manual reviews and false positives.
  • Reduce customer churn by minimizing authentication steps for trusted users.
  • Prevent more fraud-related chargebacks.

Checkout Fraud Prevention: Learn More

Deduce’s activity and geospatial analysis separates trusted customers from synthetic and stolen identity fraud.

Case Study

Top 3 Credit Card Issuer – Marquee Application(U.S. Credit Card Originations)

Trusted Transactions

The same digital identity was seen on Deduce’s network, transacting many times, with activity diversity. Established profile matches details of the incoming connection.

Risky Transactions

Digital identity does not match established profile, or attacks from this source were seen on the Deduce network in real-time, or incoming traffic is marked as malicious.

46% of identities seen on Deduce network 24h before application

Easy POV, Simple Integration, Fast Results

Deduce integrates quickly with existing fraud stacks via API, with no waiting for JavaScript.

But you can run your New Account Opening or Checkout Fraud Prevention proof of value today, without integration or engineering support. See for yourself how Deduce:

  • Immediately improves your fraud detection model.
  • Reduces false positives.
  • Reduces step-up and manual review requests.
  • Prevents more fraud.

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