Legacy Synthetic Identity Fraud Solutions
Are No Match for GenAI

Even before GenAI changed the way identity fraud groups operate, synthetic identity fraud was the fastest growing segment of identity fraud, causing billions in losses each year. Now fraudsters have the GenAI tools to create SuperSynthetic identities—fake identities with realistic-looking documents, biometrics, activity, credit histories, and other human-like attributes.

These SuperSynthetic identities will pass legacy automated fraud controls, IDV assessments, manual reviews, KYC checks, 2FA, and other identity verification processes. Once they’re approved, SuperSynthetics become fraud “sleepers” that stay dormant in customer databases until they’re offered credit based on their realistic-looking but ultimately false activity history.

Worse, as more SuperSynthetic identities bypass legacy controls, they increase their targets’ fraud exposure over time and erode trust in “verified” identities across systems.

SuperSynthetic identities look real
enough to bypass legacy controls

Activity-Backed Insights
Powered by the Deduce Identity Graph

Evaluating an online identity in the context of millions of other identities and across trillions of identity attributes is the only way to detect sophisticated AI-generated fraud.

Activity-backed identity intelligence at scale over time is the only resource that provides the necessary contexts.

The Deduce Identity Graph—the largest of its kind—constantly captures, authenticates, and analyzes the interactions of more than 840 million U.S. identity profiles as they engage in more than 1.5 billion daily events across more than 150,000 sites and apps.

The Deduce Identity Graph is a scalable,
real-time solution powerful enough to stop
even SuperSynthetic identity fraud.

Authentic or SuperSynthetic?
Deduce Flags AI-Generated Identities
That Legacy Tools Can’t Detect

Deduce spent three years developing AI-generated identity fraud detection tools in anticipation of AI’s growing ability to create highly realistic fake identities.

Keeping these identities from becoming your “customers” reduces your exposure to loan, credit card, BNPL and other forms of financial fraud, and helps you maintain confidence in the authenticity of your approved customers.

Deduce can identify AI-generated new identities in a fraction of a second from one lightning-fast API query—no JavaScript required, no excess NAO costs—and you’ll see a reduction in false positives.

Deduce for New Account Fraud Prevention

Our Identity Graph and patented technology offer a layer of SuperSynthetic identity protection available nowhere else, so you can:

  • Prevent exposure to AI-generated identity fraud risks, which can take months or years to manifest.
  • Avoid wasting money on secondary IDV calls and manual reviews related to SuperSynthetic account creation.
  • Reduce account-creation churn with faster time to approval for trusted users.
  • Augment your existing fraud stack for more comprehensive identity fraud protection.
AI-generated deepfake voices, videos, and images allow the fraudsters behind SuperSynthetic identities to circumvent traditional IDV, DOC-V, and even manual review processes.

Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting

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The dashboard visually represents the results of your queries against Deduce Identity Intelligence, for insight at a glance. The easy to use, browser-based interface allows for:

  • Traffic Segmentation: See how different channels compare in terms of fraud attempts
  • Anomaly Detection: Compare traffic between time periods based on filter criteria
  • Fraud Detection: Filter traffic based on signals and criteria
  • Forensic Analysis: Review Insights data and reporting over time
  • Role-Based Permissions: Maintain secure internal dashboard access

Easy POV, Simple Integration, Fast Results

Deduce integrates quickly with your existing fraud stack via API, with no waiting for JavaScript. You can run your New Account Opening proof of value today, without integration or engineering support. See for yourself how Deduce:

  • Immediately improves your SuperSynthetic identity fraud detection capabilities.
  • Reduces step-up and manual review requests.
  • Helps you maintain trust in your approved customer identities.

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