Behavioral Intelligence at Scale
for IDV and CIAM Workflows

The Largest Independent Identity Graph
for Risk and Trust

Deduce sees the majority of the U.S. transactional population several times a week, analyzing over 1.4B daily events involving 500M+ identity profiles across an always-growing network of +150,000 sites and apps.

It’s the largest independent identity graph for risk and trust, delivering unprecedented behavioral intelligence as the first line of defense against account-creation fraud and account-takeover (ATO) fraud.

Behavioral Intelligence in Line with
Your Account Creation and Authentication Workflow

The Deduce identity graph powers Deduce Identity Insights, a customizable series of risk and trust signals that inform every identity in a fraction of a second. The result is near real-time behavioral intelligence on the risk or trustworthiness of an identity, from one lightning-fast API query.

The Deduce Identity Graph
Delivers Precise, Near
Real-Time Insights

Deduce Identity Insights draws on the largest independent identity graph in the U.S. The Deduce Identity Graph combines privacy-compliant device, network, geo, and activity data to deliver continuous authentication insights for more than 500M+ unique identities.

More Identity Signals =
More Accurate Risk Assessment

Deduce analyzes more than 100 signals to build a complete, granular picture of identity profiles in the Deduce Identity Network. We are constantly adding new signals and can create custom signals to address specific risk or trust scenarios.

See a Complete List of Current Signals

Case Study
Top 3 Credit Card Issuer-Marquee Application (U.S. Credit Card Originations)


Trusted Transactions

Real-time, continuous authentication of identities across the Deduce Identity Network provides intelligence to fast-track trusted users on both account creation and returning user authentication events.

Risky Transactions

Data shows that if the Deduce Identity Network has not previously seen an email address there is a 10X likelihood that the identity is fraudulent.

30% of identities seen on Deduce network 24h before application

Identity Insights for IDV Platforms

Streamline and Secure Your Account Creation Process

Is that new user who they say they are? Deduce analyzes their email and IP address against the Identity Network to place them along a continuum from highly trusted to highly risky.

Based on your organization’s risk threshold, you can use the Identity Insight score to:

  • Reduce the cost of onboarding new customers
  • Approve new customers faster
  • Reduce account registration churn
  • Reduce manual reviews

A major credit card issuer found that users who were unknown to the Deduce Identity Network were 10X more likely than known users to be fraud.

Identity Insights for CIAM Platforms

Protect and Enhance Your Trusted User Experience

Incorporate a sophisticated risk engine into your authentication workflow. Retain control of your risk and trust thresholds, so you can adapt instantly as the threat landscape changes.

A comprehensive suite of risk and trust signals help you:

  • Reduce false positive MFA challenges by more than 50%
  • Block obvious ATO attempts
  • Extend trusted user session lengths and increase password entry attempts
  • Send moderate or high-risk identities a Customer Alert for MFA

Smarter Insights Every Day

Every login analysis and Customer Alert makes the Deduce Identity Network smarter, so the granularity of Deduce Identity Insights is always improving. And when Deduce updates an identity profile at one site, it updates across the network to streamline the trusted customer experience.

Jane gets a new phone as a gift for the holidays. She’s excited about how much easier her powerful new device will make her life.

Instead, it’s a hassle, because most visits to sites and apps with her new phone trigger an MFA challenge, until each one knows her new device.

But when Jane visits a Deduce client site, she may get to skip the MFA. If not, one MFA is enough to recognize her across the entire Deduce network. Nice!

More Value for Your
Customer Authentication Spend

Deduce + Your IDV Platform:

  • Removes email verification for trusted users to reduce signup churn by up to 80%
  • Reduces or eliminates secondary IDV call costs for trusted users
  • Reduces manual reviews by overcoming common risk signals with trust signals
  • If the Deduce Identity Network hasn’t previously seen an identity, you won’t be charged for the request

Deduce + Your CIAM Platform:

  • Captures more ATO fraud attempts than other solutions
  • Reduces customer frustration and churn caused by repeated login requests and false-positive MFA challenges
  • Extends trusted session length and password attempts for a smoother path to more purchases

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