Harness the power of actionable identity intelligence

Protect your users. Detect and stop online fraud in real-time.

Deduce Identity Insights acts as a cybersecurity radar validating good users and detecting fraudulent activity. The platform provides actionable data in relation to a user’s digital activity to enable smarter, more accurate security decisions.

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A Unique Solution

Typical fraud tools focus on identifying bots and automated traffic while knowing little about the identity of users. Identity Insights replace — or augments — other fraud/risk tools by leveraging the Deduce Identity Network and layering on powerful algorithms to crunch data and spot fraudulent activity before bad actors wreak havoc on a business and its users. Using rich event-level telemetry, Deduce Identity Insights identifies imposters and good users alike.


Download the Product Overview

About Deduce

Deduce prevents unauthorized account access, data leakage, and identity fraud. Powered by a comprehensive consumer data network of over 150,000 websites and over a billion daily authenticated user events, we enable any business to harness the collective power of identity intelligence.