Hear from FinTron founder and CEO Wilder Rumpf on how he and his team implemented a Trusted User Experience that delights his Gen Z customers

Personal finance and investing platform FinTron caters to Gen Z — and that means meeting young users’ expectations for fast, seamless experiences. However, FinTron’s original new-account authentication process took up to 48 hours. That’s a very long time for eager new investors to wait for approval — and plenty of time for them to find an alternative app.

In the early stages of implementing Deduce Identity Insights, FinTron can now access and approve qualified users in near real-time, so they can start using FinTron’s platform right away. Deduce achieves this by scoring applications as part of the signup flow and alerting FinTron’s manual review team to any that might be fraudulent, saving the team from having to manually review every new user signup.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce new account creation friction and churn
  • How to identify potential account creation fraud
  • How to map a path to passwordless login.

See how the award-winning Deduce platform resolves the first-look authentication dilemma.


Ari Jacoby
CEO, Deduce

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