Deduce Prevents New Account and Payments Fraud

Our geospatial and activity analysis can spot synthetic and stolen identity fraud that other solutions miss, while also reducing false positives that drive customer churn.

NAF Prevention

  • Capture more stolen and synthetic identity fraud.
  • Approve more trusted users faster.
  • Reduce manual reviews and calls to secondary and tertiary IDV providers.
  • Remove friction to reduce account opening churn and avoid CAC and LTV losses.
  • Reduce operational costs related to account creation.

Checkout Fraud Prevention

  • Capture more stolen and synthetic identity fraud.
  • Securely approve more transactions.
  • Reduce false positives to increase LTV.

Deduce Protects Your Customer Engagements
from Fraud and Friction


We see user activity in multiple contexts for fine-grained anomaly detection.


We see very recent changes in user activity that can indicate fraud. On average, we see the entire online U.S. population 4 times a week.


We correlate user activity history and real-time activity with physical locations to separate fraud from travel and relocation.


Deduce stops fraud without adding friction for trustworthy customers.

What our clients say

We have found Deduce simple to implement, with no maintenance required on our end. Deduce makes it easy for us to assess new users accurately.

Mat Newfield
Mat Newfield
CISO, Unisys

Authentication security and new account-related fraud prevention are a top priority. Deduce enabled us to quickly embrace a best practice, leading to increased customer retention and real ROI.

Mahmoud Ali
Mahmoud Ali
Head of Security Assurance, 100x Group

The key to building trust is smart cyber security, and new account fraud prevention is a critical piece of that strategy. While others talk about data, Deduce really delivers on the promise of network effects.

Stephen Messer
Stephen Messer
CEO, Collectivei

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