Protect Your Customers From Account Compromise

Notify customers of suspicious activities via Customer Alerts

Get immediate user security feedback to mitigate the threat of account takeover and compromise without login friction.

Read this one pager to see how businesses benefit from Customer Alerts:

  • Protect users from account compromise.
  • Build user trust and confidence.
  • Gain valuable security insights.
  • Use the same technology protecting billions of users worldwide.

Continuous Feedback and Visibility

Customer Alerts gives businesses an edge in fighting back against account compromise and unauthorized access. With first-party feedback, businesses gain visibility into the health of their user’s accounts and combat fraud as it happens. Businesses can detect and mitigate security threats in real-time, protecting users, data and their resources.

Customer Alert

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About Deduce

Deduce prevents unauthorized account access, data leakage, and identity fraud. Powered by a comprehensive consumer data network of over 150,000 websites and over a billion daily authenticated user events, we enable any business to harness the collective power of identity-based intelligence.