Do You Know How Much Online Fraud is Costing Your Business?

Find out the true cost of account takeover (ATO) fraud, and what it takes to protect your business from fraudsters

ATO cyber attacks are expensive. Between direct, reputational, and regulatory damage, losses can exceed $2.5M for a community of 500,000 users.

Read this one pager to dig into the true cost of ATO fraud:

  • Monetary losses per user compromised.
  • Typical attack success rates.
  • Average cost of remediation.

Also learn how Deduce provides a layer of protection at a fraction of what it would cost to build in-house.

Real-Time User Protection

Deduce protects user accounts at the point of interaction.

Pre Authentication Security

Deduce Identity Risk Index evaluates identity risk in real-time to determine if a user should be granted access to an account at the point of interaction. Learn More

Post Authentication Security

Deduce Customer Alerts is an easy to deploy, end-to-end solution for empowering users to fight back against account compromise. In turn, businesses gain immediate security feedback to mitigate fraud before damage occurs. Learn More

About Deduce

Deduce prevents unauthorized account access, data leakage, and identity fraud. Powered by a comprehensive consumer data network of over 150,000 websites and over a billion daily authenticated user events, we enable any business to harness the collective power of identity-based threat intelligence.