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Identity Risk Index

One Simple Score to Identify the Risk of Account Compromise

Powered by a Data Coalition of over 150,000 member websites, the Identity Risk Index is a powerful tool to help merchants, businesses, and organizations mitigate the risk of account compromise. Using a collection of behavioral and web analytics, Deduce builds anonymous profiles to understand their interactions across accounts, devices, networks, and locations, identifying bad actors and user impersonation.

Data Coalition
A New and Unique Solution

A Unique Solution

Typical fraud tools focus on identifying risk using techniques to detect anomalies across a user's network, device, or behavioral interactions at a given moment in time. They are most effective at identifying bots and automated traffic, but know little about the identity of users.

The Identity Risk Index augments existing fraud / risk management tools by providing a unique perspective into a specific user's behavior across billions of historical interactions. Given a wealth of telemetry data, discrepancies can be detected against a user's expected online activity to isolate fraud.

Stop Fraud. Build User Trust.

Deduce helps businesses make intelligent real-time decisions by identifying bad actors and suspicious behaviors while evaluating user interactions in the context of their activity across the web. This service builds trust and empowers risk based authentication for good users while keeping user accounts safe from compromise.

Build User Trust

Protect Users from Multiple Threat Vectors

New User Registration

New User Registration

Stop identity theft and user impersonation.

Account Takeover

Account Takeover

Protect users from credential stuffing, account testing, and bad actors.

Phishing and Social Engineering

Phishing and Social Engineering

Identify bad actors and suspected victims of email phishing and website spoofing.

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